Welcome to my family tree site

This site is the home of the family tree of Kathryn Lewis. Much of the information presented here was researched by my mother and sister, whom I would like to thank for starting my interest in genealogy. I would also like to thank other family members, both near and distant, who have shared their research with me.

This site presents facts about my family tree. For photos, stories & speculation, please visit my blog.

Links in green indicate one of my direct ancestors.

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Some of the surnames in my family are:

Bourne, Brown, Bryan, Dagnall/Dagnell, Eades, Farn, Hipwell, Holtom, Miller/Milner, Owen, Patchett/Paget, Shuttleworth, Simson/Simpson, South, Statham, Tandy.

N.B. There is no-one with the surname Lewis in this family tree.


Most of the locations are in the Birmingham and Warwickshire area, although the Dagnall branch of the family came from Ireland and spent some time in Yorkshire. Some of the locations are:

Bedworth, Birmingham, Brailes, Coleshill, Coventry, Curdworth, Deritend, Edgbaston, Hampton Lucy, Kenilworth, Kingsbury, Lea Marston, Minworth, Rugby, Snitterfield, Tredington, Catthorpe, Fazeley, Handsworth, Tamworth, Denaby.


To show all relatives on one page, I have produced charts for each of my grandparents:
Arthur Howard Eades (my paternal grandfather)
Violet Shuttleworth (my paternal grandmother)
George Dagnall (my maternal grandfather)
Lucy Mary South (my maternal grandmother)

DNA Tests

Both my parents have taken Autosomal DNA tests - read about it on my blog. If you think you are related to me and have also taken a test, please contact me.


All information about living people has been removed. If you find anything you think should be removed from this site, please contact me.